**Dogaholics is currently at capacity, enrollment will reopen in the spring**

Where your dog can play with friends - ALL DAY LONG!

They play. They get tired. You can relax!

After a long day at work, we know it can be difficult to give your dog the exercise they require. Do you feel guilty that they are at home lying on the couch or sitting in their crate? Worse yet, have you experienced the dreaded letter from a neighbor complaining about the incessant barking from your apartment? We say “NO MORE!”

At Dogaholics your pooch can play with their friends as they run,  chase, wrestle, and burn away all that pent-up energy in an engaging, cage-free outdoor environment. We proudly boast one of the largest outdoor play spaces in all of Chicago. Whatever your schedule may be, we have a package to fit your needs. Our team of responsible and caring handlers will ensure your dog is treated like family, because we love them too!

MON - FRI, 7AM - 7PM  |  SAT, 9AM – 5PM  |  SUN, CLOSED

Illinois Licensed Kennel Operator, Fully Insured and Bonded


Dogaholics is committed to you and your dog and we want to help you every step of the way.  It is our goal to help you shape your dogs experience based on their specific needs. Whether your dog is shy, overly rambunctious, or somewhere in between, Dogaholics can help give them the confidence and tools they need to live happy, fun-filled lives.


**New rates starting February 1, 2018, coming soon!***


Memberships auto-renew monthly and are non-refundable. Cancel at any time before next billing cycle.

Have more than one dog? Save 20% on additional pooches!

Refer a friend to daycare and receive a FREE FULL DAY!


Health Requirements:

All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Lepto, as well as have a negative fecal test confirmation every year. Dogs are required to be spayed or neutered. Puppies under 8 months of age, who have not had the procedure yet, are allowed to attend daycare.

Bacteria and parasites can be passed easily from dog to dog, so only healthy dogs should attend daycare. If your pet is showing any symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, warts, eye discharge or rashes, please leave them home while they are contagious or until your veterinarian has approved your dog's return to daycare.

For the safety of the entire pack we will separate your dog from our play group should we notice your pet experiencing any of these symptoms, we will contact you shortly after so that together we can form the best plan of action. We reserve the right to turn away dogs who seem unwell or are exhibiting symptoms listed above.

Age Requirements and Considerations 

While puppies 16 weeks old with all of the previously mentioned vaccinations are welcome to attend daycare, it is our recommendation that your pup enroll at 6 months. Puppies younger than 6 months have underdeveloped immune systems which may put them at risk for contracting mild germs that an older dog would have no issues with.  Just like with human daycare, there is the potential for bugs and colds.  

Dogaholics loves our senior dogs but asks that you consider a few things before sending them to daycare or boarding.  Senior dogs much like young puppies can be more susceptible to high and low temperatures.  They often tire easily from exercise and have greater sleep requirements than their teenage or young adult counter parts. Additionally dogs who have trouble getting up and down stairs at home may also struggle moving up and down from our boarding area which is located on our second floor.

Newly Adopted Dogs

It is our recommendation that newly adopted dogs 8 months or older should refrain from enrolling in daycare for at least a month to allow for adjustment into their new home.  This time after adoption is key for your dog to find its place within your pack at home.  Introducing a newly adopted dog to a daycare environment can sometimes be confusing and stressful for them.  We want to allow time for you and your new dog to build a close, secure bond to set you both up for success. We encourage you to enroll in one of our training classes or visit our play park during weekly open-play hours in this time of transition. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Assessment Tests:

A safe play environment is our number one priority.  This is why we take enrollment seriously, requiring all new clients to pass a health and behavior assessment test before beginning daycare or boarding. Our tests consist of Q&A time with you and one of our dog handlers.  We will then take your dog back to the play group and slowly introduce them to the other dogs.

  • Our entire process of paperwork, screening and enrollment takes approximately 30-40 minutes.
  • At this time, daycare and boarding are at capacity, no assessments will be conducted after October 31st. Enrollment will reopen in the spring of 2018.

*Assessments are weather permitting. We reserve the right to reschedule assessments for any reason*


At this time we are unable to accommodate new transportation customers. 

requests for this service will be placed on a wait list. 

We will update the website as this changes.

Our transportation services are available for clients who have a scheduled reoccurring reservation of two days a week or more, Monday - Fridays for both Full and Half days. Pick up and Drop off times are flexible to account for traffic, construction, and weather.  Your pup will always spend the entirety of their scheduled daycare day in daycare.  We do not count any of your dogs time spent in transit towards your half or full day.

Monday - Fridays

  • Pick up times: 
    • 7:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Drop off  times:
    • Half Days: 1:30 - 3:00
    • Full Days: 4:00 - 6:00

 We offer transportation from Lake Shore Drive out to Damen Ave and from Diversey Ave up to Montrose Ave. The cost of transportation to and from daycare is dependent on your package type not based on where you live within these boundaries.

To begin services, please contact us at 773.549.9000 or at so we can walk you though our process of enrollment.

Transportation clients who utilize boarding services- please communicate any changes to your transportation schedule due to your dogs boarding with our client service representatives. We are happy to transport your dog to and from boarding during regular transportation times listed above and remind you let us know where your pups boarding items will be located. 

For the safety of the entire pack we reserve the right to leave your dog at home if they seem unwell or are exhibiting symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, warts, eye discharge or rashes. In the event our transportation staff makes this judgement call they will take your dog out for a potty break. We will then contact you too so together we can form the best plan of action.


Call 773-549-9000 or email